Name: BDA
Age: 31
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Education: BA University of Nevada Las Vegas (The UNLV)
Tenure with BSH: I started my career with Buffett in October 2013
Current Position: Field Producer

What was your previous occupation prior to becoming a part of the BSH sales staff?
Previously before coming to BSH I was a General Manager at a small used car dealership.

Why did you choose BSH as your career?
I chose BSH because I went to work one day and the doors were closing. I didn’t like the fact that I was in a stuggling industry that I didn’t foresee turning around any time soon! To me, the most attractive part of BSH is that our market is not affected by changes in the economy, so neither are our jobs!

However, I must admit that I almost accepted a position with a competitor company. When it came down to my final decision, I ended up going with BSH because of the weekly Prayer Meetings they make available as optional to all of us and our family and friends. Being a very spiritual family, this is extremely important to me and each week I look forward to attending them!

How many years of sales experience did you have prior to working for BSH?
I had 7 years prior sales experience. However, none of my previous sales experience was in healthcare or the insurance industry.

What was the most difficult part of your learning curve with BSH?
The most difficult part of my learning curve was deprogramming myself from the previous type of sales experience that I had! I had to learn the right way to sell and that is to educate. Seniors do not respond to high-pressure or fear, they respond to accurate, truthful information and facts regarding the continual changes in Medicare. In all honesty, it took me two additional field retrains my first 4-6 weeks before I understood this… and then, and only then, did I start making the income I desired to make. Ironically, I see new producers come on staff just like I did and think they don’t need additional training or think they can figure it out on their own. That is crazy! Field retraining is what saved my career early on with Buffett. Unfortunately, many do not learn this lesson until it is too late. Don’t make this mistake! Trust me!!

Describe your career with BSH?
My career here at BSH has definitely been a journey. I have enjoyed working for a company that is totally honest in the way that their business is operated. Integrity within a company from top to bottom is hard to find, particularly in sales. Here at BSH this is found as a common practice!!!!

Give a few pieces of advice to people considering applying for a position with BSH.
Eat a big slice of humble pie because working with seniors is truly a humbling experience. Over all get ready to take advantage of a opportunity of a lifetime with a company and a market that is growing faster than imaginable!!!!!