Name: BWR
Age: 60
Marital Status: Married 3 Children, 5 Grandchildren
Education: Some college
Tenure with BSH: November 2011
Current Position: Field Producer

What was your previous occupation?
For the past six years I was a small business owner. Prior to that position I was in direct sales for 16 years and also owned several other small businesses.

Why did you choose a career with BSH?
I chose this career with BSH for the unlimited income opportunity and the growth potential with a progressive company.

How many years of sales experience did you have prior to working for BSH?
I have an accumulated total of over 16 years sales experience plus 6 years I owned and operated my own small business.

What was the most difficult part of your learning curve with BSH?
The close was the most difficult part for me, specifically avoiding high pressure closing. Many sales organizations train their salespeople to do this and thus many individuals that come on with BSH that have a lot of direct sales experience have that engrained as their sales practice. These individuals do not make it long with BSH unless they become trainable. BSH does not train us to do pressure sales, rather the opposite… education of the changes to Medicare and the benefits we provide makes the sale. Once I learned not to stray away from my presentation training and to trust the training, my sales improved. They then were able to make their own decision without the feeling of pressuring them. When I learned to sell by teaching them, the assumed close resulted. The close was no longer a problem.

Describe your career with BSH.
I have experienced many highs and lows in my career with BSH. When I came out of my initial BSH training class with all the new knowledge, I tried to organize it in my brain and found it to be an overload of information. After a few presentations I became more comfortable with my delivery. I learned how to deliver the information and facts in my presentation to the seniors and the sales became easier. After becoming comfortable with the presentation I started drifting away from the order of the way I was trained to give my presentation. I was missing some key points and sales went down. This is when I finally learned to listen to my manager and team leaders. The team leaders are there for me and this is what keeps me going in this business. The support is tremendous.

Give a few pieces of advice to people considering applying for a position with BSH.
Have faith in your training and trainers. The management staff of BSH are totally dedicated to your success. Always follow the presentation exactly as you were trained. Make it a learning event for the senior and remember to always have fun. This will relax the senior and separate you from the standard pushy salesperson.