Champions Dominate

Since the 2009 market entry of what is now the registered trademark name, Buffett Senior Healthcare® (originally used as DBAs’ for beta testing purposes of the forecasted target market, product need, product demand, and industry competition), followed by the official founding of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. (BSH) in 2011, we have gained a tremendous amount of intellectual capital or “data”. Of all this data, among the most acutely valuable today is our ability to use actuarial science or the branch of statistics that deals with the numerical calculation of risk versus reward. Numbers don’t lie. We use that to our advantage, which in turn becomes your advantage. Among the countless ways we capitalize from our collection of historical data and numbers to determine probabilities, our research teams now have a sample size large enough to use them to determine the success and failure rate of all the various backgrounds of individuals that have been hired over the years to represent BSH in all of our various Divisions. Below are the results when history is applied to our division of Buffett.


Calculations based on study of individuals in the Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division (ETPAD) of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp.

Data Timeframe: All available since inception data collection

Data Sample Quality: Confirmed only + Authenticated valid only

Determinate: Individuals hired + Full Completion of given initial training + Assumed position in division of Buffett ETPAD ≤ 365 Active + Income > seventy-thousand, one-cent income earning only (Min: $70,000.02)

Conclude [one-or-both]: Company [Named Insurance only] last prior to Buffett position [one-or-both] Background dominant

The findings of the above study revealed that individuals currently working for the following companies have the highest success rates in the Buffett Senior Healthcare® Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division:

  • Shortest Learning Curve (avg 5.35 wks versus division-wide avg 8.11 weeks)
  • Majority Top 20% Producers
  • All over $70,000.01 first-year income

Companies (in alpha order – Insurance – Current Captive Agents ONLY!)

–         AFLAC

–         AIG

–         Allstate

–         American General Life / AIG

–         American Income Life

–         American National Life

–         American Republic

–         American Senior Benefits

–         AmeriLife

–         Bankers Life & Casualty

–         Barclay Group

–         Combined Insurance Company

–         Farm Bureau

–         Farmers

–         MEGA Life

–         Met Life

–         Monumental Life

–         Mutual of Omaha

–         Physicians Mutual / Physicians Life

–         State Farm

Those NOT working for any of the above insurance entities, the study revealed that individuals having the following immediate background experience comprise the highest success rates in the Buffett Senior Healthcare® Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division:

  • Shortest Learning Curve (avg 4.47 wks versus division-wide avg 8.11 weeks)
  • Majority Top 15% Producers
  • All over $70,000.01 first-year income
  • Greatest first-year monthly residual / renewal income

Immediate Career Backgrounds (in no particular order, sales or no sales experience, insurance or no insurance)

–         4-Year Armed Forces Honorable Discharge (vets)

–         Law Enforcement

–         Recent College Grads

–         Direct Sales

–         Outside Sales

–         Commission-Only Sales

–         Never insurance licensed / No insurance experience

–         Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

–         CDL Truck Drivers

–         Route Sales

–         Athletics / Sports / Coaches

–         Teachers / Professors

–         Sales Trainers

–         Pastors / Preachers / Church

–         Film / Actor / Theatre

–         Less than 1 year sales experience / No sales experience

–         Sales Closers / One-Call Sales Closers

–         Security Alarm sales

–         Mortgage

–         Loan Officers

–         Real Estate

–         Airline Pilots

–         Uber car drivers

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