Name: CLD
Age: 30
Marital Status: Married
Education: Texas A&M University – BBA Finance
Tenure with BSH: January 2011
Current Position: Team Leader

What was your previous occupation (college acceptable) prior to becoming a part of Buffett Senior Healthcare?
I started in sales during my junior year at Texas A&M University. At Texas A&M I was a member of the Corps of Cadets which took up a great deal of personal time. When my financial aid was depleted, I was forced to find a job that would give me ample time to study, participate in mandatory military activities, and make enough money to cover my college tuition. To help cover my tuition I began working for a local car wash company where I was employed as a ticket writer responsible for selling detail services, waxes, and windshield repair in a retail type environment. This position was 100% commission and allowed me to work 2-3 days per week and earn a $400-$600 income. I was immediately sold on sales!

After I graduated from Texas A&M I entered into the corporate world and took a position as a professional recruiter. I worked in this career for about 1 year prior to becoming a victim of a major layoff.

Why did you choose a career with BSH?
I initially chose a career with BSH because of the preset appointment program and my lack of desire to cold call. My last career consisted of 3-4 days of cold calling and 1-2 days of sales each week. I also aspired to enter into the insurance industry upon college graduation, but hesitated because I did not want to rely on my friends, family members, and referrals as a source of income. The preset appointments offered by BSH allowed me to generate a near six figure income in my first 12 months on staff.

Although preset appointments are enticing, the main reason I have continued with BSH is the opportunity for professional and financial growth. When I joined the sales staff at BSH, I quickly learned that it was a small growing division. I realized that if I worked hard and kept a positive attitude, my field sales would take care of themselves, and I would be able to rapidly advance into management.

How many years of sales experience did you have prior to working for BSH?
After I graduated from Texas A&M I entered into the corporate cubicle world and took a position as a professional recruiter. The base salary and the opportunity to make a six figure income attracted me to this company. This turned out not to be true. I worked in this career for about 1 year prior to becoming a victim of a major layoff. In all, I had a total of three years of sales experience prior to joining BSH.

What was the most difficult part of your learning curve with BSH?
I found great difficulty with in home sales when I first started with BSH. I became very hesitant about continuing my career with the company due the discomfort I felt when visiting with individuals in their home. When I graduated from Texas A&M, I envisioned myself employed in corporate America in a “white collar” position. I quickly realized that the corporate world was not as I previously perceived and would not fulfill my desire to live the American Dream. I overcame this small dilemma when I realized the opportunity that I had with BSH to exercise my entrepreneur spirit and to take part in the creation of one of America’s largest healthcare marketing companies.

Describe your career with BSH.
It has been unbelievable! I never dreamed I could have the success I’ve had in such a short period of time with BSH. I have seen this organization grow from a 3 state organization to now over 30 states and still expanding every day! I truly am privileged to be a part of such a new and growing organization. Every day seems to get better as Buffett Senior Healthcare continues its pledge to dominate this industry. To be honest, when I was told this when I started, I had doubts that it would really come to fruition. However, now, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this WILL happen! I am seeing it happen first hand. I started as a new hire in January 2011 and by March became a field trainer. By the summer I was a both a Regional Field Trainer and one of their newest Team Leaders. Today, while I still like to work in the field from time to time, I spend most of my time managing my subordinate trainers and helping them manage their associates under them.

Give a few pieces of advice to people considering applying for a position with BSH.
1) Always think about the future provided with renewal income from each and every sale you make

2) Understand that everyone has bad weeks, but you have to try to have a bad month!

3) Never blame the lead source for personal failure

4) Make as many full presentations per day as possible