Four-Day Appointment Workweek- 3-Day Weekend

The BSH Four-Day Preset Appointment Workweek & Three-Day Weekend

Associates with BSH have the advantage of enjoying a three-day weekend every week they choose! We work long and hard hours Tuesday through Friday, thus we consider weekends time for our family. Mondays may involve minor customer calls from home as necessary, field work only if an associate feels he/she wants to get a jump start on their production for the week (i.e. referrals, existing customer cross-marketing, persistency, early week production contest qualification, etc.). Otherwise, many associates prefer to take a nice Monday afternoon for a round of well-deserved golf or just pure relaxation in preparation for their following Tuesday thru Friday record-breaking personal sales week!!

All associates and their families and friends have the option of attending our weekly 15-minute Prayer Meetings. These meetings, held via web-conference, are for those that wish to partner with us not only on a business level, but in a spiritual capacity of fellowship, as well. Again, all Prayer Meetings are always 100% optional.

UPDATE 8/22/13: All BSH Weekly Prayer Meetings are now open to the general public. If you would like to be included in our Prayer Meeting email invite list, send your request to and your email address will to be added our weekly invite list. Each invite email will include a link to click on that will immediately log you in to join the Prayer Meeting.

UPDATE 4/24/14: Since all BSH Prayer Meetings are held Live via web-conference every Thursday of each week from 6:30AM Central Time to approx. 6:45AM Central Time, to the relief of many that have voiced their requests, we now have an alternative! In the event you are one of the many that wanted to attend (whether a BSH staff member or General Public) and for whatever reason were unable to attend it Live at 6:30AM Central, you can now simply email and request the recording of any week(s) of BSH Prayer Meeting(s) you wish to watch. We will then email you the link to the recording(s) for the week(s) you requested and you can watch and listen at your leisure!

See below for more specifics on Buffett’s business-related meetings.

BSH associates are provided with an average of 3 preset appointments per day, four-days a week in each associate’s exclusive territory. Every appointment is made the previous day by the BSH CallCenter and set for each associate to run at a given time the following day. With the exception of holidays and approved associate time-off, all appointments are set for associates to run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday of each week and are always set as daytime appointments.

Although associates are never required to work in the field on weekends or Mondays, goal-setting being a major factor in our associates’ financial success, many that have not achieved their desired goal by Friday do choose to work Saturdays and/or Mondays.

While all associates are invited to join their Team’s weekly Monday morning meeting, usually only associates that have been on staff with BSH for less than three months and/or are below the minimum production level are required to attend this meeting(s). These meetings are hosted by their Team Leader, Area Managers, and Trainers. The purpose of this meeting is primarily for continued training during their first 90-days. This is often referred to as, “The Learning Curve Period”. Furthermore, these meetings provide a high-level of motivational encouragement, competition, and goal-setting. General Team announcements are also made during this time. Those that attend their Team’s Monday morning meetings are also eligible for special Team weekly/monthly bonus contests. These meetings are always very fun and exciting! Often times they include many guest speakers, such as top 4% quarterly producers on staff, Regional Managers, National Managers, Carrier Associates, and Executive level staff. All meetings are attended by associates from their home and are all held from via web-conference technology with the use of web-cams and microphone for interactive participation.


There are exceptions to the above “3-Day Weekend” advantage for under-producing associates. Continue to read the remainder of this website in detail for those specifics, as they are important to determining whether or not you are even a potential candidate to join Buffett Senior Healthcare®.