Name: Gary A. Reed
Age: 64
Marital Status: Married
Education: BA Religion and Philosophy, Master of Divinity, Master in Business Administration
Tenure with BSH: I started my career with Buffett in September, 2016
Current Position: Field Sales Consultant, Field Trainer, & Deputy Team Leader (as of 9-2017)

What was your previous occupation prior to becoming a part of the Buffett Senior Healthcare® (BSH) sales staff?
I was the President/CEO of the TKE Educational Foundation – an organization that supported educational scholarships and leadership training for college-age men on 275 college and university campuses throughout the US and Canada.

Why did you choose the Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division (ETPAD) with Buffett Senior Healthcare® as your career?
Compelling mission. Dynamic leaders with values and drive. Leaders who want to help others fulfill their potential and who are willing to balance their commitment with the commitment of consultants.

How many years of sales experience did you have prior to working for BSH?

No sales experience. I have never been in a purely “sales” position – although it is arguable that fund raising has some similarities with sales. I have been in fund raising for 30 years and I have to say – if I knew then, what I know now and have learned from BSH – I would have been even more successful.

What was the most difficult part of your learning curve with BSH in the ETPAD?

The Presentation. It is masterful, complete and essential. Getting it right has been a major learning.

Describe your career with Buffett?

I have had the privilege of learning from the BEST. A. Riley, J. Rothschild, T. Spikes, and R. Douglas, have been my mentors. We all work together even today. We learn from one another and help each other. When a new strategy or product is needed, the company responds. Who could ask for more?? If you want to be a player – to give as much or more than you take – you will succeed. If you expect to have it handed to you – you are with the wrong company. BSH is not a “fat cat company” that has millions of dollars to hand out to nice people. We are a company that rewards efforts and celebrates service to our seniors. If you seek to serve – you will win in the end.

How has your life changed after receiving the 15k bonus?

To me – the $15,000 was a confirmation that I am dealing with principled people – who stand by their word and recognize my efforts.

Give a few pieces of advice to people considering applying for a position with BSH.

If you think you will hit the ground running and that you will pull in big money right away – think again. Working with our seniors and BSH requires a commitment to learn and get better every day you are in the field. Just like the rest of the insurance industry – your income builds over time. It took a while to have a great week. Now, for me, they are starting. Key to your success will be a sincere commitment to helping seniors along with a sustained effort to stay in touch with your customers to help them understand their products and manage the enormous marketing underway to sell all of them everything. Your role is to safeguard against those who would take their money and sell them inferior products. If your objective is to make a quick commission and never speak to the senior again – BSH is not for you.

If you want to join a company that offers everything necessary for your success – come.
If you want to join a company that offers a great opportunity for unlimited earnings – come.
If you want a company that is committed to showing you the ways to be successful – come.
If you want a company that has at its disposal the VERY BEST companies and products for senior health care to offer our seniors – come.
If you are sincere and committed to service for our seniors – come.