Management Availability and Management Override Income

Many of our top leaders excelled into management training in as early as only their 6th week on staff. The reason for this is two-fold. One, it is due to the rapidly increasing demand for our absolute-need products from the ever-growing senior citizen population across the United States. Two, as a result of number one, BSH at the same time must continue to open up more associate sales positions to keep up with this rising market demand. This has made available an abundant number of new management position opportunities that are allowing associates to become promoted into management after only a short tenure with our organization. BSH is currently providing qualified individuals the privilege to enter our Management Training Program, which is designed to fully prepare them to train and manage a series of subordinates directly under them as Buffett Senior Healthcare’s number of new hires continues to grow.

An associate with Buffett Senior Healthcare® is never obligated or required to be in management. However, should an associate wish to apply for a management position, similar to being accepted into an entry-level position with Buffett Senior Healthcare, a management position with BSH is only for the right BSH associate. For those that apply, Upper Management handpicks those qualified for a management position given their level of sales success and stability in the field.

The right BSH associate for management with us is a true leader. All of our field associates that successfully complete our Management Training Program have a clear understanding of the following:

1) The secret of basic BSH leadership is that the minds of our Leaders never turn off. BSH Leaders are always active, always thinking. They are never passive observers.

2) Leaders with BSH seek ways to always be replacing themselves, so as to allow them the ability to quickly excel into an even higher management authority positions with BSH. They understand to do this they must find individuals that want to expand their horizons beyond their current position.

3) Upper Management BSH Leaders produce more leaders, not more followers. BSH Leaders of this caliber have the option to excel beyond lower and middle BSH management and training. These leaders find individuals to replace themselves by acquiring successful subordinate leaders. By achieving this, they are able to broaden their perspective further with BSH by assuming positions as Team Leaders, Career Coach Mentors, Regional Vice Presidents, National Directors, Senior Division Directors, & Executive Division Head. Bottom-line: These leaders have the capacity to translate vision into reality. They are vastly recognized, known, and respected by the entire BSH staff. They are highly compensated for their position, achievements, and level of authority. Furthermore, these BSH Leaders are on our organization’s Board of Directors and help to further sculpt and continually improve all aspects of our organization as Buffett Senior Healthcare evolves through time.

Management Override Income – Immediate Overrides & Renewal Overrides:

This is something few, if any, other organizations will offer… especially to an individual that has only been with the company for as little as 6-12 weeks. BSH pays all of its managers (from field trainers and direct managers to Senior Division Directors) two sources of override income from the sales made by their subordinates.

First, all managing associates earn a higher income through weekly immediate override commission from each sale made by their subordinate associates.

Second, in addition, BSH pays all managers a monthly renewal override commission income from each of the sales made by their subordinate associates. To better understand this, refer back to the #8 “BSH Advantage” on this webpage regarding associate Renewal/Residual income. Using that example renewal breakdown, all managers will receive a part of their subordinate’s renewals as override renewal income above what that associate is being paid. This is paid in addition to the managers’ upfront per sale weekly immediate override income. This will be further explained in detail if qualified for a 2nd personal one-on-one interview with a BSH manager over your state.

Associates who are promoted to management positions with BSH and are successful in following BSH’s Management Training Program earn far more income than any base-level associate. Their upfront override commissions and their monthly renewal override commissions translates into years of steady income that will only continue to increase as long as that manager’s subordinates and new additional subordinates continue to write them more and more business. This only further provides our associates in management with financial security, for obvious reasons! Override commission and renewal override commission can cause an almost immediate jump in weekly income for those interested in pursuing management opportunities. Many successful managers quickly see their override income surpass the income they earn from their personal sales in only a few months of managing subordinates! This is one of the tremendous advantages of working with a growing and expanding organization selling to a vast, rapidly enlarging market with an absolute-need product demand where sales remain unaffected by fluctuations in the economy!

In conclusion, individuals privileged enough to earn an exclusive territory position with BSH enjoy the real benefit of having a truly unlimited income potential. We sell only the best products and our clients genuinely need our help badly. We know where and when we are going each day to make our sales… and to support our families, we make a lot of money!! However, this is only a reality for THE RIGHT PERSON. This will be determined by the State Manager over your part of the state if you qualify for a 2nd interview with BSH.

NOTE: For many associates desiring entry into BSH management, it is important for us to disclose that, although higher management positions are enticing due to the advantage of earning a higher level of income, like all positions with BSH,management with us is also ONLY FOR THE RIGHT PERSON.