BSH provides associates both initial live classroom training plus field training, as well as ongoing training to continually help them increase their weekly/monthly production income. All associates are also assigned to a veteran BSH producer to serve as their daily Phone Coach. Their only job is to remain available throughout each day for their associates to call while in the field or even in a client’s home for training assistance in areas where they may be struggling to close certain sales. After a new associate’s 3rd week in the field, they are given ongoing new product training.

This is designed to introduce them to BSH’s additional products to add to their portfolio and provide them the necessary training to sell other products, in addition to our primary products. Thus, further enhancing their income ability. After a new associate has overcome their “learning curve”, they are assigned a Career Coach who serves as a mentor for those desiring to enter into a BSH management position. Lastly, all associates are assigned a Policy Retention Manager. This individual’s job is to continually train their associates on the proper method of writing business, not only so they get paid on all their sales the fastest, but also how to keep all of their business on the books to maximize their renewal commission income. Bottom-line, all of this is provided to our associates to allow them to focus on maximizing their ability to sell the very best products available so as to give their clients the maximum quality protection from risks!

If hired for a position with us, our sales associates are given a starting weekly Base Pay for their first 4 weeks on staff during their initial training period while still earning full commission on all products they sell. In addition, from week one, all associates have the benefit of qualifying for weekly Expense Pay up to $500.00 per week, having provided their week’s business expense receipts.

Moreover, once a new associate in the Buffett ETPAD has completed their entire product portfolio training (usually no more than 180 days / 6-mos, given fieldwork of 4-full days per week), they then receive a $15,000.00 (fifteen thousand dollar) bonus check!



  1. Growth / Development Opportunities: Professional, Financial, and Personal
  2. Support: Leadership, Training, and Administrative
  3. Time: Freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor –  Work Hard & Play Hard

Our trainees are excited about the opportunity to absorb as much knowledge and experience as possible in the shortest span from their trainers and mentors. They are anxious to hit the ground running as quickly and effectively as possible. Trainees are eager about the overall challenge of starting a whole new career with totally different approach to sales success, financial success, and complete 100% client satisfaction. 

Initial Training involves:

1 – Classroom training

2 – Field training

3 – Online web-conference training

Continual Training involves:

1 – Additional / New product training

2 – Existing client cross-marketing training

3 – Personal Career Coach – every first-year associate has the option of selecting their own Upper Management veteran on staff with BSH to be their mentor whose purpose is to aid in guiding them into further career opportunities with BSH.

When we factor in all of the costs of the Research and Development of each new producer’s Exclusive Sales Territory plus all additional costs required for advertising, recruiting, internal support staff, training materials, and much more, on average it costs our corporation all together over $18,000 dollars for each sales consultant we bring on board and train.